Hello! My name is Victor Hugo Calleja and I'm a designer working in games, toys and animation. Growing up as a first-generation Mexican American, I was fortunate to have parents who were very supportive in my choice to pursue art as a career. From what I remember, I’ve been drawing since I was four and that desire to create has been nurtured through animation, videogames, graphic novels, life, etc. What excites me the most about being a designer is that there’s always something to learn and new ways to both challenge yourself and grow as an artist. My aspirations and inspirations have evolved throughout the years but I’ve found that next to support from my family, mentors & peers; curiosity, perseverance, persistence, and passion have always been constants in how and why I design.

I'm currently based in Los Angeles working as a visual development artist for feature animation in Hollywood, CA. Clients include Aquamen Entertainment, Gadget-Bot Productions, Panda Mony Toys, USC Gamepipe Laboratory and others found in my resume below. For work inquires or questions, please feel free to send me an email at victorhcalleja@gmail.com