My name is Victor Hugo Calleja and I'm a visual development artist working in games, tv & feature animation. I'm currently working as a color stylist at Marvel Animation Studios in Glendale, CA.

Growing up as a first-generation Mexican-American, I was fortunate to have parents who were very supportive in my choice to pursue art as a career. From what I remember, I’ve been drawing since I was four and that drive to create and tell stories has been nurtured through studying design, engaging in a healthy lifestyle, and approaching goals with a positive attitude. My aspirations as an artist have evolved throughout the years but I’ve found that - next to support from my family, mentors & peers - curiosity, perseverance, persistence, and passion have always been constants in how and why I design. My clients include Aquamen Entertainment, Gadget-Bot Productions, Panda Mony Toys, USC Gamepipe Laboratory and others found in my resume below.

For work inquires or questions, please feel free to send me an email at